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arrival instructions


Hello! We look forward to hosting you at the Cabins at Hay Creek. Please find directions and arrival instructions below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us; you can also send us a message on VRBO or AirBNB if that is where you made your reservation.


Address: 9925 North Fork Road, Polebridge, MT 59928 (Google Maps)

WHEN USING GOOGLE MAPS OR GPS: When using Google Maps or GPS, the instructions will probably take you to the first right after Hay Creek. (This driveway does access the property, but not your cabin.) Please ignore that instruction and proceed to the second right after Hay Creek


Driving instructions:


There are two ways to reach the Cabins at Hay Creek; for directions on Google Maps, please choose one of the links below:

  1. Via Columbia Falls: Drive on Highway 2 to Columbia Falls, Montana, and turn north on Nucleus Ave. This is the main drive trough the original old town. You will stay on Nucleus Ave. for about 6 blocks. Drive past the grocery and the post office. You will hit a T-shaped intersection; turn right onto Railroad St E. This will curve to the left and become the North Fork Road. The Cabins at Hay Creek are about 34 miles up the North Fork Road.

  2. Via Glacier National ParkFrom the Going-to-the-Sun road, you will head toward Apgar and West Glacier. You will pass Apgar on your right. Follow Camas Creek road for about 10 miles and exit Glacier National Park. In about another mile, you will hit a T-shaped intersection. This is the North Fork Road. Take a right. In approximately 12 miles, you will arrive at the Cabins At Hay Creek as described.

FOR BOTH ROUTES: Once you cross the bridge over Hay Creek, take the second right down a driveway. You know you're in the right place if you see three cabins in a row.

Important note about the dirt road:

Most of the North Fork road is largely dirt/gravel, and has a variable condition depending on traffic, weather, etc. If you are worried about your vehicle or the driving conditions, we recommend you take the route via Glacier National Park to reach our cabin. On this route, you will only be on the North Fork road for approximately 12 miles, some of which are paved.

Important reminder about internet and cell service:

Due to a lack of service, internet is not available at the Cabins at Hay Creek. However, you can visit the Polebridge Mercantile, which has a computer for public use; this computer does have internet access. The Mercantile is just one mile down the road. Additionally, there is no cell phone service in the Polebridge area.

Important reminder about solar power:

Our cabins are off the grid and are powered by solar panels. This system is sensitive to electronics that draw lots of power suddenly, such as blow dryers, hair curlers, microwaves, etc. Such items are not allowed, as they can short the system for all cabins. If you have questions about any electronics, please ask us.

Finding and accessing your cabin:

Once you cross the bridge over Hay Creek, take the second right down a driveway. If you are staying in Caribou, Pronghorn, or Grey Wolf, your cabin is accessed using this drive. The cabins are marked with signs, but can also be determined by their order:

  • Caribou is the first cabin

  • Pronghorn is the second cabin

  • Grey Wolf is the third cabin

You will access your cabin via a keypad; your code will be emailed to you the week prior to your arrival. The code will allow you to turn the deadbolt and unlock the door; it works like any deadbolt.

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