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Mountain view

the beauty

of nature


the comfort 

of home


The Cabins at Hay Creek have been in the Bassingthwaighte family since 1994. But the history of the property extends long before that. The original homestead, one of the first in the valley, was built in 1905. For more than a hundred years, man and animal have tread these 21.3 acres, bathed and fished in the creek, and rested their heads on this land. The deer, bear, and elk are still here. As are we. 


We have developed this property with the goal of keeping the land as it's been. After all, we are the visitors. That's why our cabins are solar powered. That's why the water comes from our own wells. That's why we ask guests to leave nothing behind, except perhaps their hearts. (Nobody will blame you for falling in love with this place.)

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